Not only are our placemats useful for keeping mess to a minimum, but they're educational too! Whilst your child eagerly awaits their meal, they can catch up on their alphabet skills.

Our alphabet placemats include each capital and lower case letter, and fantastic illustrations of animals or objects beginning with each letter. On either side of the mat are illustrations the proper positions for a knife and fork, so not only are they making less mess, but they're also learning their alphabet and the beginnings of table etiquette.

The mats are primary teacher approved, and will have your child singing their ABCs in no time!

Personalised Placemats

Each of our high quality placemats comes personalised to each child. This will make seating arrangements easier and keep dinner time squabbles to a minimum! But if the phonetically correct placemats aren't what you're looking for, we do a multitude of other designs for the slightly older children. From flower fairies to farmyards, to a bus full of animals, we are fit to burst with great characters desperate to meet your little ones!

Our mats are fully water and wipe proof, so they can be used again and again with ease. Printed on 500 mic board, we have provided a thick and fully durable placemat for even the messiest of mealtimes. And when your children conquer their messy eating habits, you could use our personalised placemats as posters!

We love our personalised children's products and we know you and your child will too.

Children's personalised placemats