Reward charts encourage positive behaviour in children at home and in the classroom. They are taught how to set goals and they learn responsibility. The reward chart makes it easier for the child and parents to keep track of the progress achieved, in a fun and interactive way. Besides, who doesn't like getting stickers? Maybe you'll ending up wanting a reward chart of your very own!

Personalised Reward Chart

Paper Gekko have a range of bright and wonderful characters to really bring your A3 reward chart to life. From a Digger to a Super Hero, from a Mermaid to a Princess, there's a character to suit everyone, no matter what gender or age! And that's not all; you can personalise them! Which is especially helpful if you have more than one child on the reward chart regime.

Our charts are vibrant, interesting, and great fun to use. They'd look great hanging up in the kitchen or your child's bedroom, where as soon as they wake up they can be reminded that they need to earn their sticker for that day.

Wipeable Reward Chart

Complete with a sheet of star stickers, you can either use these to mark your child's progress, or a standard felt tip pen. The great thing about our reward charts is that they're wipeable, so if your child has done really well and filled up the whole chart, you can wipe it clean and start again!

Our reward charts have enough spaces for a whole month. This means you can choose to reward your child either at the end of every week or every month, depending on how big a reward you want to give them. You could treat them to a toy they've wanted for ages, or even a nice trip out! That way, not only are your children behaving better, but you're also spending more quality time with them! 

And best of all, our reward charts are great value for money at only £7.50 each. You can't put a price on good behaviour and spending time with your children, but our personalised rewards charts certainly help you on your way!

Shop our reward charts now and start the journey to superb behaviour!

           Children's personalised reward chart - Coral the Mermaid              Children's personalised reward chart - Safari animals