PaperGekko has a range of personalised reward charts with a variety of characters which I’m sure your little ones will love. Whether they love princesses, diggers, pirates or farm animals, we have one to suit all tastes.

Each chart comes personalised with the child’s name, which encourages ownership and gives the child a responsibility for that chart, wanting them to get as many stars as they can. The reusable star stickers, which come with the chart, are a mix of bright fun colours.

These are great…my boys like to stick one star on the chart and one on their school jumper – then they like to tell the teacher why they got the star! We tend to keep the chart somewhere central. This is normally on the fridge (why do ALL kids related things end up on the fridge eh?) This way it’s in full view of everyone to see and talk about at various times. We will often all stop and recognise when the chart is filling up with stars.The final ‘big’ reward we give once all the stars are filled gives him something to aim for so he keeps the positive behaviour up.

Some top tips for getting the best results from Reward Charts are:

1. Focus on one behaviour at a time. Eg Sleep, Manners, Eating, Homework

2. Let the child choose the Chart, this way they get something they want and enjoy. 

3. Don’t use on under 3’s ad they can find it hard to grasp

4. Make the target something that is achievable (We are currently using one for our 5 year old for staying in his own bed all night, as opposed to coming into ours at 3am).

So each morning we all trudge into the kitchen to start the breakfasting, which means we walk past the chart, so it’s either a happy smiley boy who runs to grab a star and proudly pop on the chart….or a slightly grumpy (parents too due to lack of sleep) boy who is annoyed at himself that he hasn’t got a star and loudly states that he WILL get one the following night, which, more often that not, does happen!

At £5.50 these charts are great value, they designed and manufactures in the UK and come in super sturdy packaging.

Try them out with your little ones, I'm sure they will help you, as parents they've certianly helped us and anything that helps with parenting gets a big thumbs up from me :)

Thanks for reading.



Click the images below to view our personalised reward charts   

Princess personalised reward chart  Dino the Dinosaur personalised reward chart