Sound like your week? We all want the best for our children but do we need to constantly bombard them with endless activities? Just how many clubs is enriching for our kids and how many is too many?

I have 2 boys who are in Primary School. One is an active type and would happily go to any club offered. However his brother is happy to have a quick play on the park and head home after school each day. However both seem to result in normal teatime meltdowns and lots of asking for screen time.

Thinking a club would tire your children out? Then perhaps think if it will do the opposite and wind them up more? For instance clubs that go on past 7pm in my experience tend to effect going to bed as their brain is still full of activities and thoughts and not winding down.

Getting to socialise with other children who they wouldn’t necessarily play with is a positive I’ve discovered with mixed age/gender afterschool clubs. Schools/clubs offer such a wide range of after school activities these days so have a think to see what your child would really enjoy and benefit from. It’s all too easy to get swept up with what others are doing and feeling your child ‘should’ be doing. Sometimes all they want is quiet evening at home or play at the park / climbing a tree in the garden.

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