It’s all of a sudden the last term of the year, and with that comes a busy few weeks. There’s phonics checks for the little one, SAT‘s for the older one, school trips, sports day, reports as well as trying to sort out a summer break for us all to go on.

Teachers, I’m sure would appreciate a thank you and would not expect anything but as a parent I feel it important to say thank you with a card and small gift.

However the one thing I always leave to the last minute is a teacher thank you gift and card. So with these great ones I can order them in no time on my phone and they arrive in the next 3-5 days.

Shop them here.


Thank You Teacher Card


Our great Teacher Thank You cards are made of high quality card and printed with any message you would like. The front is personalised with any name you would like, whether it be the teacher, classroom assistant, school dinnertime helper or office staff.

We don’t have any text limits for a message inside but what I like to do is leave it blank so my kids can hand write a special note (and show their teacher their fab handwriting skills they’ve picked up over the year!)

Phew, that’s one less thing off the list!

Thanks for reading,

Suzie x